Athens Tattoo Convention 2014 in pictures

Athens Tattoo Convention 2014 in pictures

My first convention. I was very exited that I will go and will have some work done on me at the convention and I still remember the excitement I felt when I was helping Destiny Tattoo crew to load the car and to go at the convention.

I have been in the place before when there was Athens Classic Marathon Expo but it was so changed that I told it is a different place. Colors, music, people. The artists were still putting the booths in place and was getting ready for the action. People started to get in and little by little the place started to get more and more alive.

I was like a kid in a candy store – walking around with the camera and taking pictures. It was a bit strange for me – was I allowed to take pictures of everything I want, should I ask first. After some time the I become more confident and started to shoot without asking. It has been fun. Fun with friends that makes it even more memorable.

I wont me boring you anymore with my silly writings and will leave to have some fun and laugh with the pictures that I took then. And please show me some mercy – it was for me my first time with a camera trying to take pictures.