Kiki – Destiny Tattoo

Kiki - Destiny Tattoo

I met Kiki on one of my trips to Athens. She has just started in Destiny tattoo and what amazed me back then was how easy she can turn an idea into a drawing. Not only to a piece of paper but also on the computer. She also helped with my second design – the blue Japanese style octopus.

As irreplaceable part  of Destiny Tattoo I was so happy when she agreed to give me a small interview for the site and I am sure that you will find it interesting to read as much as I did.

Sit back, relax and read. Check the pictures of her and her work and if you are in Athens, looking for a tattoo artist for your new or first tattoo, go to see her and I am sure that you’ll like her, her style and work a lot.



Who is Kiki and what the people should know about you? 

Well, Kiki is a 27 year old kid, who hasn’t finished her studies on marine sciences yet and she’s about to do it finally someday! Enjoys eating, drinking, tattooing, dancing, drawing and sleeping.


What was your first encounter with tattoos and how did you decided that this is what you want to do? 

I was familiar with tattoos since I was a little kid. One of my cousins is a tattoo artist and I was always saying, that it would be nice to learn how to tattoo. In 2013 I went to see a friend of mine who was getting a tattoo at “Destiny”. I met the guys and it just happened. I could say that Andreas was the one who got me thinking about it even more, but I couldn’t imagine that I was about to be one of the crew members…

 Kiki Destiny Tattoo


You are the prettiest and smartest part of Destiny Tattoo. How did you found each other.

First of all the prettiest part is Peter, our Eurochick! As I said, the first time we met, I went to see my friend at the studio. I visited again a couple of times and showed Paul some of me artwork. Then I asked Peter to go with me to buy supplies, so I could start practicing on practice skins. A few weeks later, I visited the studio again. The next day I was already preparing a design for a customer!


 I know that you are very good in drawing. Beside tattoos and tattoo designs have you tried to do something else? 

I started drawing since I can remember myself. Mostly with pencils and sometimes acrylics. Lately I have been trying my Photoshop skills. I haven’t studied Fine Arts and never took any drawing lesson, so it’s more like experimenting on anything new for me.


Kiki - Destiny Tattoo


What was your first tattoo and what was the last one? Who did the last one? What the next one will be? 

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was a half angel-half demon figure. One of my designs and one bad tattoo! I still love it though, cause of its meaning and the period I did it. Andreas did my last one. It’s a “D” with a lining needle. Paul is about to do the next one. It’s a part of my sleeve we’ve been working on lately. It’s going to be chemistry lab equipment.


Kiki - Destiny Tattoo

I have seen you doing very good tattoos in different styles. What is your favourite style.

I do whatever my client wants me to do, except a few styles, but I can tell that realism is my thing. I also enjoy neotraditional style.


Inspiration. Where do you get yours from? Are there any famous artists, tattooists or not, that have influenced you down the path of your career. 

I’m getting inspired by many things. Something I might see on the street, or in a movie, or even lyrics I like. Anything! I love to check other artists’ work. I don’t believe it’s all about copying ideas. It’s about getting inspired by people who are already great artist. There’s nothing new when we’re talking about art. Everything is recycling, so why does this make me or anyone else copiers? Every artist has his own style, but no one has unique ideas. So yes I admire artist such as Nikko Hurtado, Carlos Torres, A.D Pancho, Emily Rose and many others. Greece has many great artist too. I could say that Dr Pepper, Roza, Uncl Paul and Kostas Baronis, are some of the artists that have helped me improve, by checking on their work.

Kiki - Destiny Tattoo Kiki - Destiny Tattoo Kiki - Destiny Tattoo


Is it difficult to be a woman tattoo artist? 

I don’t think so… The truth is that there are more male than female tattoo artists, but I can’t see any deference!


What does your family and friends thing about what you do? 

My friends are more than fine with it! My family on the other hand, was dreaming of a more scientific career for me. Of course my mom stopped saying anything about tattoos, since she saw some of my work. She was like “Oh my God Kiki did you do that?”. That was the time she realized I was about to continue what I’m doing… Well my dad still doesn’t like it that much, but I love him and he loves me and we lived happily ever after!


What do you like when you are not making tattoos? 

Resting most of the time! I enjoy good company, food, drinks, music, board games and movies. I also love dancing tango, but unfortunately taking dancing lessons is difficult cause of my schedule.


Favourite: Colour Music Band Food Drink Country Sport 

Black, Metallica, Souvlaki, Vodka, I can’t decide(!), Eating

 Kiki - Destiny Tattoo

Any advice for the people that are looking to become tattoo artists? 

Find a good teacher, work hard and before starting tattooing people think about that: Would you  be happy and willing to pay for the tattoo you’ve done, if you were the client?


The one thing you always wanted to do but have not found enough time or resources. Keep in mind that James Hetfield is still married. 🙂 

That’s a pity… Study Maths, Fine Arts and travel around the world!