Stockholm InkBash 2015

Stockholm InkBash - Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Torres
Stockholm InkBash - Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Torres

Stochholm InkBash 2015 – whatta weekend!

This is the weekend that I was waiting so hard and had my expectations for but it turned to be even better. I got literally lost in good vibes.

Stockholm (at least the part I have seen) is a very nice and vibrant city. From one side you are sunk in that Nordic mood where everything is somehow peaceful and quiet and yet you can feel the live from everywhere. As a friend of mine asked me about some pictures I did “It looks and feels Zen. Is it real?” Yes it is real. This is the same feeling I have each time I go out for a walk in Linkoping, or when I was walking down the street in Reykjavik – calm and peaceful and in the same time vibrant and full of colors.

Also I was incredible lucky to pick apartment 20 minutes away from the convention center and more important my host, Ingela, was a very interesting person and it was not only a perfect location but also a pleasure to have some interesting conversations about the book she is writing at the moment.

Ah yea.. I was writing about the convention. Stockholm InkBash is the second biggest convention in Scandinavia. The convention took place place in Мynchen Бryggeriet – a very nice place at the coast of the Sodermalm. Very well organized – wardrobe, food, beer, booze. Fresh water at several locations in case you get thirsty. Also I cannot skip the fact that there was a menu for vegetarians and vegans – something that is not so often on this type of events and it was a very pleasant surprise. Beautiful view from the balcony where you can get fresh air while watching the waterfront and magnificent view to the city.


There were over 100 artists from all over the world – Argentina, Austria, Canada, US, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic New Zealand and Italy and of course the local Swedish tattoo artists.

I had the pleasure of watching Nikko Hurtado working again after Athens Tattoo Convention alongside with Carlos Torres.

For first time I have seen the ancient art of hand poke tattooing and it was really interesting to see it the form of traditional Japanese tebori by Roberto Horibudo Borsi, polynesian tatau technique from Brent Mccown and hand poke tattoos done by Colin Dale from Skin and Bone.

At the convention I’ve met ans spoke with the woman behind the Tattooed Porcelaine by Mutti. Will try to get interview from her since I find it very stylish and I am sure that it will be interesting for everybody to learn more about it.

I also met Fonzi Bolin who’s live has been turned around by a car accident that almost left him paralyzed and who now is helping with his hands to others to overcome the pain. He is also behind the campaign “Fight the cancer”. Some of the most famous Swedish tattoo artists has donated artwork for making t-shirts and all sales goes to Swedish child cancer foundation. The interesting part was that each artist adds a small personal story at the inner side of the t-shirt and that each t-shirt has unique number, all are made in limited editions. For a bit over two years Fonzi has donated over 19 000 EUR.

Dia des los muertos – remember that article? There was a stand with art related to that celebration – skulls, skeletons, masks, pendants.

Stockholm Inkbash2015


Amazing tattoos – all different colors and shapes. Old school tattoos, Japanese, Polynesian, amazing New School pieces and photo realism. You can see some in the gallery and more will be available in the video. Take a look at the gallery and stay tuned for the video that I’ll start doing after I get back from my trip to Bulgaria.

Once again I was amazed how open people are at these events. Had amazing conversations with artists from Italy, Argentina, Spain and some of them will be featured here in the nearest feature with stories and interviews that I am sure will be interesting for everyone.

As a final I have to thank to the people behind all that preparation from Shark Production AB for allowing me to be a part of the whole fun.

Stockholm Inkbash 2015